Den building – part 2

So I mentioned the den a couple of months ago when we started the build. It’s pretty much complete now. It even has shutters.

the den

A few pointers if you fancy making one yourself:

  • be flexible, it can be 10x easier to make it a bit wider or narrower than you’d like. Try to just go with the flow.
  • those double length pallettes are amazingly handy, as you get nice long strips of timber. I used them for the left hand uprights. They often have insulation sheets on them.
  • let your little people help out as much as possible – finger loss is unlikely, and a few splinters are character building. Favourite jobs – sanding important parts, anything involving a power tool, measuring stuff, collecting biscuits from the kitchen to keep the workers fuelled.
  • let your little people make some decisions. Favourites – where the windows go, orientation of slats, height of shelves.
  • plasterboard / drywall screws are fine (and they are cheap and come in massive bags)
  • include fun stuff like hinged window flaps, shutters for bigger windows, and sliding ‘nerf hole’ panels. The ‘snack please’ signs are fun.
  • take the time to floor it properly -those wee gaps between pallette boards can be a killer if you get a toe / ankle trapped
  • getting a pallette to come apart can be hard work. You’ll want to get them nice and dry, and have a chisel that you don’t mind destroying, then just split the nails – don’t try and pry them, you’ll most likely split the boards
  • I used PVC from B&Q for the roof so that it would be nice and bright inside. I should have gone for the polycarbonate stuff – about 3 times the cost – but indestructable. The PVC is already a bit bashed by the tree.
  • apart from some screws the only other bought parts were the timbers to hold up the roof – I think the spend was about £50 all in.

the den

Only once we’d finished making these did I realise why the boys wanted big handles on the back of the shutters. Shields. Like a knight. Let the warring begin!

the den

Monkeyboy checking the plans. Failed certification apparently.

the den

And yes, that is an Angry Nerds pirate flag on the roof and an old keyboard ‘command station’ on the floor.

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