Scuffed Constraints Hack Pack Giveaway

This time last year I was refreshing the Constraints Cards kickstarter every 30 seconds or so to see how many new backers I’d got. Since then I’ve shipped a mountain of cards around the world, which has been a great learning experience. Who knew labels were so complicated!

I’ve got a big box of slightly scuffed decks. It’s full of decks where the shrinkwrap is torn, or where there is a bashed corner to the box. It’s under my desk. I keep kicking it. It’s annoying. All the cards are perfect – but I can’t really sell them. So I’d like to give them away.

Constraints Hack Packs

If you have a web user group, meetup, class, or some other group that would like to organise a hack day / evening using Constraints I’d like to send you a skuffed up hack pack for free.

Just tell me about your group, and when you’d like to organise a constraints session and I’ll ship a couple of kilos of decks, stickers, badges, logbooks and general Constraints goodies – about £100 of stuff normally. Everything you need to run a constraints hack for a decent sized room of people. The decks will be the scuffed / bashed boxes but the cards themselves will be spotless.

I have a few hackpacks to giveaway – first come first served!

Postage costs are a killer for overseas, so I’m afraid this is a UK only offer.

Just email me details of your meetup / user group / class and I’ll fire them out on a first come first served basis.

And in case you’re worried that the decks are a mess – this is pretty much the typical damage – not much, but enough that I’d feel bad shipping them as new.

bashed up decks

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