Refresh Reboot 2

Refresh Aberdeen is something I’ve been playing with for some time now. It’s changed along the way a few times, and recently it’s been pretty low key – with my energy mainly going into projects like codethecity.

Over the weekend I put some thought into exactly what Refresh Aberdeen is. I still think it’s potentially useful, if only to make it easy to point people at the various events I’m involved with. When I broadened that thought out, applying some of the thinking I’d encouraged folk at codethecity to use, it struck me that it shoudn’t just be my events that it points to.

So over the weekend I spent a while gathering some links and put together a new version of the site. A really simple quick link site giving very brief overviews of events and things that I think fit the Refresh outlook on life. There is a lot more on now than when Refresh started, which is great.

Participants in the 2013 Aberdeen Jam

If I’ve missed anything please let me know – I’d like this to become reasonably comprehensive. There’s a feed and a light version already, but I plan to make it easier for people to grab the data, and also to incorporate feeds from things like the excellent open tech calendar as time allows.

And if you hate any of the images I’ve used feel free to send me replacements!

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