Learning web design vs learning web development

So I came back from the Turning Festival in Edinburgh with a bit of a renewed interest in search patterns. I’ve never been a huge fan of seo first design – prefering a more natural, honest, straightforward approach and trusting Google to do the right thing.

So for the most part, I don’t spend vast amount of time staring into the abyss that is target keyword lists, Google Trends reports, and link opportunity megareports.

It can be quite good fun from time to time though.

Playing around with Google Trends to see what a few search terms looked like I came across this chart while looking at terms I would expect constraints cards to list for.


“Learn web design” has been in steady decline for years, even as the web has grown and the awareness of web design as a career must have grown significantly. Conversely, “learn web development” is growing. These aren’t blips. These are long term trends.

Learn web development is about to overtake learn web design – certainly as far as Google searches are concerned.

Of course – this only looks significant in isolation. Here is the same chart – with “learn app development” overlaid. It’s away to overtake both terms from a standing start a couple of years ago.

comparing learning web design, web development and app development

And for those wondering, learn app design is way behind app development.

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