Constraints Gumroad

Since the launch kickstarter ended I’ve used Shopify to sell Constraints cards. Last weekend I closed the Shopify and added some simple Gumroad products directly to the constraints site.

A.B.E. – Always Be Experimenting.

There was nothing wrong with the shopify store, I just didn’t need anything that complicated to sell a handful of decks of cards a month. I wanted to experiment with a few things, but it’s not the quickest system to play around with so I always put it off.

I looked at other options, and Gumroad seemed to be well used, especially in the web learning community.

I only had an hour or so, but setup was quick and easy. Testing was easy, and the first sale through the new system landed pretty quickly. We’ll see if there are any unexpected consequences.

I haven’t started experimenting yet, but shortening the journey from the website to completing the purchase should hopefully at least make life easier for people who want a deck.

new shop buttons

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