Global Service Jam Aberdeen 2014

Most of my weekends I spend in ‘dad’ mode. This is my favourite mode. It involves lego, raspberry pi, picnics, fighting illogical insanity, explaining why batman is a goodie even though he wears black, and enthusing about brilliant but out of reach ideas.

Participants in the 2013 Aberdeen Jam

Running a Service Jam is pretty much the same, but it’s spent with adults instead of 3 and 5 year olds. The main difference is that adults actually have skills. Once they tap into their child like ability to run with ideas those skills really make things fun.

I won’t go into the Jam itself here – I wrote a full post about what happened at the Jam itself on the refresh aberdeen blog.

It really was a great fun, inspirational weekend. There is lots of good stuff about the event at these links:

If you fancy coming along next year your best option is to sign up to the Refresh Aberdeen email list – announcements will likely be on that list first. It’s a 100% free event – we even feed you and provide materials to use – so all you need is some free time. It’s great if you can come for the whole weekend, but even if you can only make it for one day it’s worth coming.

Julia and Kevin larking around

Finally, thank you again to our sponsors for supporting the event. It would be impossible to make this kind of thing happen without the support.

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