Build GIFs

2013 was the final Build conference in Belfast. It was fun. Gifs aid memory I believe…

David Cole

David Cole at Build

David spoke of the core importance of design. How it’s not a stage in the creation process. It is the creation process in many ways. A nice essay version of his talk is here.

David is on twitter.

Nicole Fenton

Nicole Fenton at Build

Nicole spoke of the importance of words to user interface / user experience. Something I continue to find a challenge. I’m pretty bad at words. You can read her presentation here.

Nicole is on twitter.

Paul Soulellis

Paul Soulellis at Build

This was tremendous. I really enjoyed the talk from Paul, and have thought of it often in the couple of months since the conference. The way he spoke of his projects, and the directly personal nature of each of them were a good reminder that websites are for people. We really shouldn’t need to be reminded of that, should we? But we do. I do.

I’d encourage you to have a look at Paul’s blog version of the talk if you haven’t seen his work before.

Paul is on twitter and is really worth following on Flickr too.

Leslie Jensen-Inman

Leslie Jensen-Inman at Build

I’ve spoken to a lot of graduates of ‘web’ courses who have relatively few usable skills, so the talk from Leslie about the unicorn institute project rang true. Especially the stuff about participation, project work, and practice being key to development as a UX designer (I’d say web designer, or designer).

Leslie is on twitter.

Jason Scott

Jason Scott at Build

You all know Jason – @textfiles – he’s a legend. Infectiously enthusiastic about the internet we used to have (you know, without Cameron’s filters and NSA snooping and acquihires killing content), and about the responsibilities that come with taking peoples files. He might dress like a scary dark angel – but he’s right. This stuff matters. Go and set yourself up an archive team warrior. I did. It’s painless. Do it now.

Jason is on twitter.

Frank Chimero

Frank Chimero at Build

The likening of the development in user interfaces in plastic and in screens in this talk was just lovely. Just go and read this beautifully presented (of course) version of his talk here. A fitting end to Build.

Frank is on twitter.


Lunch happened in the Cathedral. It was quite the setting for a bunch of nerds to consume calories. Enjoyable.

Lunch in a Cathedral at Build

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