New Constraints Site

Now that Constraints Cards are (finally) landing on folks desks it’s time to take the wrappers off the new Constraints website and shop.

Constraints Cards and Logbook

On the new site you can play online by simply picking a card from the deck in the footer. You can download a PDF and print a deck at home/work. You can email / tweet / share cards easily. You can buy a deck, or some extra logbooks. You can even discuss the cards, and how you’ve used them on the card by card discussions.

Creative Commons

I’ve released Constraints under a Creative Commons licence. I’ve done this for a few reasons, but mainly because I love CC licences, I think ideas should have room to breath when they reach other peoples brains, and CC licences largely provide that room.

With a couple of restrictions (link to the original and don’t profit from your derivative work) you can do what you please with Constraints now. If you want to translate it into Welsh, make a version using ascii art, replace the words ‘focus on’ with ‘forget about’ on half the cards – please go ahead.

Remix Constraints as you see fit. You can grab the Illustrator friendly PDF here, and find gif versions of the deck and other useful things on github. Don’t forget to show me what you do so I can share it here.

Three Card Draw


I’d love some feedback on the site if you have a moment to fire me a note with your thoughts. This is the bare bones of the new site in some ways, but now that the decks are delivered I can think about putting some time into developing some of the other ideas for it.

Under the glaring eye of three cards of course.

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