Aberdeen Culture Hack

The July Aberdeen Culture hack saw a rare gathering of Aberdeens tech and creative folk to hack together for a weekend.

Kevin and Bruce - plotting!

I would normally tell a lengthy story about the weekend myself, but Kevin did such a good job that I’ll simply point you at that, and this article to get the scoop. There is also some video on youtube which gives a good feel for the day.

All I’ll add is that it’s great to see the council encouraging this kind of event, and supporting it with time and resources.

We’re thinking of running a follow up event, to further build on the app. If you’re interested in taking part drop me a line or jump onto the refresh aberdeen mailing list to make sure you hear about it.

Spreading the word

A number of people have told me that they didn’t hear about the hack until it was too late. At Refresh Aberdeen we’re looking at how we can help solve that problem – and use channels other than twitter to get the message out. If you have any thoughts / ideas – drop me a line.

As ever, if you have any questions you can find me on @stevenmilne and steve@refreshaberdeen.com.

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