Refresh Poll Results

Just over a week ago we put up a poll about possible events that Refresh Aberdeen could run in the coming season. Refresh hadn’t been as active or as social as usual for about 6 months, so it was time to get moving again.

The vote was really interesting, and we had four clear ‘winners’ with a majority of votes, and a number of also rans.

The results

We posted 10 ideas, this is the order they finished up in. You can see the pretty pseudobarchart at Refresh Aberdeen.

  • Talks Nights at PVA
  • Creative Code for Designers
  • After Work Meetup
  • Workshop Workshop
  • Web Retreat
  • JS Workshop
  • (unofficial) Kickstarter Jam
  • Pecha Kucha
  • 36 hour startup
  • Print for Web Designers

The highlighted ones got a markedly stronger response than the others. But it’s worth saying that most options got a big enough vote that if everyone who voted actually turned out, they’d be considered a success if we ran them.

What’s next

The plan from here is simple. Get on and organise this stuff as quickly as we can.

I’m particularly enthusiastic about the Workshop Workshop. In a ‘buy a man a fish’ sense I think this has the potential to really kickstart a whole programme of workshops in Aberdeen, largely led and delivered by locals. Hopefully it will act as a spur and a confidence giver to the community to start sharing knowledge.

I’m keen to talk to anyone who has experience in delivering workshops – be it coding, crafting, knitting or axe restoration. Especially if you’d be willing to share some of your knowledge with the Refresh crowd.

If you are interested in taking part please get in touch as well, particularly if there are topics you are thinking you’d like to deliver a workshop on. This will help me figure out the best shape for the Workshop Workshop. @stevenmilne and are the best options.


I’ll also be out looking for event sponsors. Sponsorship levels will be modest, but really help us put on this programme. If your company has a soul, put in a word for us and send them our way (or send me their way) to join the fine roster of sponsors we thank over on the Refresh site.

Aswell as updates here, Refresh also hs a presence on most networks. So follow / +1 / like / etc… to get our updates right in your feeds:

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