Toothbrush with an API

The wee lads love eating toothpaste and chewing the toothbrush. They need some serious cajoling to actually brush properly though. To be fair Robin is a bit young, but Dugald is in the zone for proper brushing. So I backed this on kickstarter:</p>

This looks like a fun way to make toothbrushing competitive. And nothing motivates the wee lad like a bit of competition.

And it has an API. So when this arrives – my son's toothbrush will have an API. We are living in the future people. We are living in the future. A toothbrush – with an API. And an iPhone app. Who needs a flying car when your toothbrush has an API.

I'm already kicking about ideas for an Arduino thingummy that watches the data feed from the toothbrush and does something in the real world when he hits two minutes. Like start a clock that shows how long since he brushed. 

There's more from the guy behind this thing here – worth a watch

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