Refresh Aberdeen Kickoff

For the last year and a bit I've been a big fan of, and occassional contributor to, the Mighty Meetup here in Aberdeen. I've even got a bit grumpy about it from time to time. Before the Mighty Meetup there really wasn't a natural offline home for the web community in town. Ian and the guys at Deer Digital did a cracking job in generating interest and giving the community a home.

In November last year I came back from the Build Conference wanting to get more involved in organising and steering the activities around town. I sounded out a few other regulars at the MM and the feeling was quite generally shared – that more of us would like to contribute to the organisation and running of events – not just the participation.

We wanted to create aswell as consume. Not unusual for web folk huh!


So on Wednesday, at the last Mighty Meetup, I announced the start of Refresh Aberdeen. Feedback on the evening, and since, has been tremendously positive, welcoming, and enthusiastic. Ian and the other Mighty Meetup folk are all on board, and we have a good head of steam already.

We're already discussing meetups, talks, events and hack days – and even the possibility of a code retreat in the city.

Exciting times.

It's great to see an idea which I sketched out on the flight back from Belfast in the middle of November turn into a live project within a couple of months.

Refresh announcement

Me making the announcement on Wednesday night.
Photo credit to 
Kyle Saric

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