You’ll miss it when it’s gone.

I really enjoyed DIBI this week. Some really inspirational talks from some leading thinkers and practitioners in the web. Some great discussion with peers from across Europe and the US. I met some webslebs. Drank some guinness. Had my first ever RedBull.


Well worth the trek south.

A major topic at the after-events was the availability of meetups and tech events in everyones local area. Talking to people from across the UK, it was clear that the kind of meetups which we take for granted in 2011 Aberdeen are not available everywhere. Niche user groups are relatively common, but the kind of 'general web' focussed events like the Mighty Meetup is unusual anywhere. 

So it was disappointing to hear that the turnout for the Mighty Meetup was so low last week.

I felt an urge to urge everyone to come along. So, if you earn your living from the web, do me a favour.

This is a focal point for our industry in Aberdeen. Once a month, make the effort, show face, have a chat, learn some stuff and have some snacks / beer.

If the format / location / timing doesn't work for you – tell @iansted about it. He's a lovely guy, he'll listen. But come along, let's make it work for everyone. 

It strikes me that Aberdeen has an opportunity to build a real web community to the benefit of all. The Mighty Meetup has a really stupid name – but it has real potential to help bond the community together and raise everyones game.

During the DIBI keynote last week, @zeldman painted the most beautiful picture of a mobile strategy for A List Apart. The 'wow' moment for me was when he described 'drinking coffee in a strange city and hitting a button to see where all the nearby geeks are who might want to talk responsive design'.

That's not ready yet – but all the Aberdeen geeks should be at the Mighty Meetup. 2nd Wednesday of the Month.

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