Suffocating Owls

Some legacy sites bring tears to the eyes.

Right now I'm making some changes to an old site for a client. A very old site. It's rough. It's written in an outdated language, with an outdated structure, quirky templating mechanism and various layers of functions. It's scheduled for replacement, but needs a minor change in the interim.

I feel like the work experience girl that loves animals, and gets to work at the vets for a week.

She skips along the road that Monday morning. Turns up with dreams of giving vitamin drips to puppies and watching them scamper off to their loving owners. Fully expecting to have a day full of rollercoaster emotions always ending in happyness and fluffy cuddles. Maybe rolf will turn up. Maybe she'll get a heart of gold award for resuscitating a badger! Within 5 years she'll have her own series on BBC 3 giving celebs tips on keeping their Daschunds breath fresh.

Instead she gets handed the rubber gloves and sent to the owl suffocating room.

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