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Firewood Game of Ur

If you don’t already, you should go and subscribe to the British Museum Youtube channel immediately. One Saturday breakfast time a couple of weeks ago I watched the video of Tom Scott playing this game against Irving Finkel. Now. A couple of weeks earlier, after making some firewood dice, we’d been playing with making firewood platonic solids. […]


Books March & April 2017

Enjoying reasonably meaty books and trying to get through one a week is a little conflicted. Homo Deus is a brilliantly puzzling book. It needs some time to play with. Some time to decide which bits are nonsense and which bits are likely. Anyway. To the list. 10 Known and Strange Things, Teju Cole A […]


Wonky firewood dice

Firewood is weird stuff. It’s wood, from a tree, but we just throw it in the fire to warm us up. I wonder if a tree would rather be firewood or a table. We get a load of wood in late summer, stack it in the garage, and slowly turn it back into dust and […]


Boardgame a month?

This whole X a Y thing is addictive. Reading a book a week is fun. In addition, as a family, we appear to be trying a new board game a month in 2017. This should be easier. We love a bit of Carcassonne, Chess or Junk Art. Trying a few more games should be fun. Freezing […]

Codethecity Chatbots

Codethecity Eight. Wow. This thing has some legs huh? We had fun making computers speak a little like humans, in useful ways. I was on a team this time, with Alan and Bianca. Which was fun. Our project was around using chatbot interfaces as the only way to create meetings in a business setting. Instead of […]

* return

Browsers remember what you visit – allowing you to get to sites without typing the whole url. This is awesome. It’s well known. As I get increasingly impatient I find that a side effect of this is that any site that requires more than a single key stroke before hitting return is just annoying to visit. Two […]

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