Hi. I’m Steve. This is my blog. Welcome.

It’s largely a mix of ‘geek dad’ and ‘web guy’ stuff. Now brace yourself, here comes the inevitable list of stuff to make me sound important.

I’m dad to two boys who enjoy making things, breaking things and beating me at chess.

For the day job I’m Head of Digital at Fifth Ring, a B2B marketing company HQ’d in Aberdeen.

I’m a founding trustee of Codethecity, a not for profit running civic hacking events and operating the first Open Data Institute Node in Scotland.

I organise the annual Northern Lights conference and occasional Refresh Aberdeen events.

I contribute a largely post-it and sharpies based unit to the Digital Marketing MSc at RGU Business School (a great course btw).

I made a card based web design training thing, funded it on Kickstarter, and wrote and spoke about it a few times. (I can heartily recommend making a physical side project thing. Chris Coyier bought a thing I made! That was fun.)

I enjoy a good shed, play with electronics, toy with wood, and have yet to buy a lathe. I will though. I will.

That’s about it I think. Not so long a list after all.