This months Techmeetup was fun – no speakerlist – just a call to the audience to give brief talks about their work, side projects, and general 'stuff'.

Varied topics touching on dynamic typing in C#, personal data, mindblowing bitstring processing and web optimisation.

I gave an introduction to an idea I've been kicking around with a few others, most notably Kevin, to come up with a 'web retreat' inspired by Code Retreat, but taking a broader approach to involve everyone you would expect to find in a web shop / agency. I'll post more on that over the next couple of weeks.

So, now that the cat is out of the bag, if anyone would like to hear more, get involved, take part in our test runs, or just chat about it over coffee do get in touch. I'll be announcing test runs, and the real thing later in the year here, and on the Refresh Aberdeen mailng list. So get on the list to hear more.

And on the topic of techmeetup – it's every third wednesday of the month, announcements etc at and on Facebook.